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In the game students navigate from three unique perspectives, to explore the decisions, influences, and consequences that can effect young adults using Alcohol and other Drugs.


Game Characters

Each of the characters in the game scenarios are specifically used to depict the effects of risk-taking or harm-minimization behaviours.


Student’s Task

Following the effects of risk taking the student’s are tasked with identifying different behaviors and how they’ve have affected the character’s progression throughout the game.

Gamified Experience

The Sideffect GamePlan experience brings an innovative online program to students, educators and parent / carers. The program builds upon best practices in drug and alcohol education by integrating game theory and design into content delivery. Sideffect Game Plan delivers a powerful experience to students providing them essential tools to quickly and easily make informed decisions about drugs and alcohol.

The Sideffect Gameplan has been approved by the Federal Health Department for use in Secondary Schools Australia Wide.

Why Gamification ??​

Gamified learning gives us a natural HIGH and the impact of that HIGH has a profound effect on our retention of knowledge. When the brain wants to reward us it releases dopamine into our bodies so when we achieve something important to us we feel good. Learning new things is a rewarding experience.

Why Serious Games?

Gamification builds learner engagement. It helps change perceptions, attitudes and develops skills through a practical, applied and thoroughly hands-on approach to learning. It unlocks imagination and when used properly, journeys of discovery enhances learner engagement awareness, productivity, and it improves student organisational performance.

Why does it work?

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31st West Australian Information Technology and Telecommunication Alliance INCITE Awards Winner, 2022 (Research & Innovation [Industry] Project of the Year category)

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31st West Australian Information Technology and Telecommunication Alliance INCITE Awards Merit Award Winner (runner-up), 2022 (Social Impact category)


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